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Meet your content creator.

Phrame Productions is owned and operated by Owner & Lead Visionary, Andrew Sims. Andrew learned the art of visual storytelling at a very young age. Obtaining his first digital camera at the age of fifteen, he began to find his place, and his passion in photography and videography.


Beginning as a Mass Communication major at Fort Valley State University, under the mentorship of a professor with a zeal for production and a little bit of spare time, Andrew soon became known for his talent behind the lens. Finishing with a degree in Communication from Kennesaw State University, he aimed to find a focus for his passion in a world saturated with subjective and unoriginal media.

Andrew sought to further develop the artistic expression that had become his second nature. Now, as a young professional, his open mind and patient spirit allow him to see and capture the best in those around him. His belief that the creative experience should be genuine and accessible allows him to live out his dreams today, by helping you Phrame YOUR world.

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Owner & Lead Visionary

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